Black Note e-liquid Legato 10ml

Kentucky is an aromatic tobacco with a characteristic nutty flavour, and Legato captures this perfectly. Black Note start with selected leaves grown in Tuscany – despite the name, the best Kentucky tobacco comes from Italy – which are flue-cured to develop their natural taste to perfection. The tobacco is the shredded and steeped for six weeks, before the extraction process collects and purifies the concentrated flavour. The result is an incredible eliquid – smooth, sophisticated and complex, with a whole symphony of mingling earthy notes.

Black Note natural tobacco e-liquid (eliquid) for use in electric cigarettes (e-cigarettes). This natural tobacco e-liquid (eliquid) is supplied in a bottle with child resistant closure and dropper filling system. In the package you will find a package leaflet which serves as a guide for the correct use of this product.

This product is manufactured in an ISO7 – CLASS 10000 certified laboratory.

Black Note Legato has a 50/50 blend of PG and VG, so it delivers both bright flavours and enough clouds to keep anyone happy. It’s available with between 3 and 18mg/ml of nicotine.

• Balanced 50/50 blend – great taste and great vapour
• 10ml per bottle
• Packaged in a Black Note presentation tube
• No diacetyl or AP – independently lab tested

Safety Warning:
This product contains the highly addictive nicotine substance. Its use is not recommended for non-smokers
(The above warning applies to all nicotine-containing variants of this product).
This product is not suitable for persons under the age of 18, non-smokers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with allergies to nicotine products or people with cardiovascular disease. This product is an alternative to smoking tobacco.

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